Swifts Centurions

Liz Ellis Cath Cox

In elite sport the milestone of 100 caps is a huge achievement, and some sportspeople achieve something even more rare: 100 caps with one Club.

At the Swifts we have a rich history of incredible women who have run out in our playing dress and taken the court in 100+ matches.

Those players stretch across the foundation days of the Club when the Sydney Swifts contested the inaugural National Netball League - the Commonwealth Bank Trophy - from 1997 to 2007, to the rebranded NSW Swifts who have flown the flag since 2008. 

As NSW's most celebrated and successful female sports team, below we acknowledge their astounding achievements and their contributions to our great Club.

Since 1997, the Swifts remain: Inspired by History, Driven by Legacy. 

Always A Swift.