Player Appearances

Our NSW Swifts love giving back to, and inspiring, members of the netball and wider community. 

In 26 years, the Swifts have become the most successful and pioneering professional female sports team in the state. Our players, who hail from both NSW and all corners of the globe, take pride in representing the state-wide netball community every time they take the court.

When they can, there is nothing the Swifts like more than meeting and greeting those they play for.   


We do receive a large volume of requests and we ask that you refer to the criteria below before submitting one for a Player Appearance. 

While we always try to help where and when we can, not all requests can be accommodated and submitting a request is not a guarantee of fulfillment. 

Please note that player availability depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to: training and fixture schedules, travel commitments, prior club commitments and personal commitments. It is also not possible to request a particular player. 

To apply for a Player Appearance please fill in the below form. Only requests which have met the criteria, and have been submitted using the form, will be considered.   

We thank you for inviting us into your community and we look forward to hearing from you.


  • Please submit your request at least 3-4 weeks before your event. Late requests are very difficult to arrange due to busy team schedules. 

  • You must outline the clear purpose of the visit. Please note, our players cannot run coaching sessions/clinics when they make an appearance, nor can they take part in physical activity. 

  • All the details of your event must be confirmed at the time of request: eg time, date, location etc. Appearances are for a maximum of two hours.

  • While we endeavour to fulfill all commitments, please note that appearances may be subject to change/cancellation should the team schedule change. This is a rarity but it can happen, such is the nature of professional sport. Should it occur, the Club will be in contact as soon as possible to advise of changes.
  • On occasion we will be pleased to arrange a NSW Swifts Training Partner athlete, or QBE Swifts Academy athlete, to visit if a rostered Swifts player is not able to be secured for your request.
  • The NSW Swifts have the right to obtain and use imagery and other media relating to visits for the purposes of promotion and wider community engagement. 
  • Please know it is important to the Club and Swifts players that we attend as many community appearances as possible each season, and we do hope to fulfill as many as we can.  


Contact Name
Event address
Acknowledgement of Swifts right to obtain imagery/media for marketing purposes