Donation requests

The NSW Swifts are proud and passionate supporters of a huge number of organisations across the New South Wales. If you would like the NSW Swifts to assist your next event or activity please read the below guidelines and we invite you to submit a request.

Our ethos is to be part of the community, actively support our Fans and Members and genuinely participate in supporting people and organisations doing great work. Our endeavours will always be to help where we can, as often as we can.

Please note that we do receive a large volume of requests and sometimes it is not possible to fulfill every request. 


  • Requests should be submitted as early as possible. Four to six weeks prior to the event, at minimum. It is challenging for us to fulfil requests at short notice – but we will always do our best.
  • Requests mustinclude all event details (date, locations, non-for profit information if available, beneficiary of the donation, contact name, phone, mailing address, purpose or mission of the event/organisation).
  • Requests must be submitted online via our Donation Request Form below, however please note - as stated above - submitting a request does not guarantee a donation.
  • Please note that we do not accept requests via our social media channels and the Donation Request Form is only way to apply.
  • Whilst we would like to fulfil multiple requests from organisations each year, this is often not possible. We ask that each organisation select their priority event of choice for a donation when making a request.
  • We do not make cash donations.
Contact Name
Event/Donation address