The NSW Swifts


Name: Rebecca Bulley
Nickname: Bec
Date of Birth: 18 August 1982
Height: 186cm
Position/Role: GD/GK
Occupation: Schools Program Coordinator

ANZ Championship Caps: 15
ANZ Championship Premierships: one 2008
Former ANZ Championship Team: NSW Swifts
Number of years in ANZ Championship: One year (2008)

Commonwealth Bank Trophy Caps: 85
Former Commonwealth Bank Trophy team/s: Melbourne Kestrels, Canberra Darters

Number of years in Commonwealth Bank Trophy: Eight years

Netball Career Highlights:
Winning the 2008 ANZ Championship with the NSW Swifts
Australian Netball Diamonds debut
Australian 21 Under Team 2001-03
Australian Open Team 2005 (Jamaican Tour)
Australian Open Team 2007 UK Tour

National Representation:
Australian 21 Under Team 2001 - 2003
Australian Open Team 2005 (Jamaican Tour)
Australian Open Team 2007 UK Tour
Australian Netball Diamonds 2008

Age Started Playing netball: 8

Netball Qualifications:
Level 1 Coaching Accreditation

Rebecca Bulley (nee Strachan) was a member of the 2008 NSW Swifts premiership winning team in the inaugural year of the ANZ Championship.

Rebecca is a former co-captain of the Melbourne Kestrels and the inaugural captain of the AIS Canberra Darters when they entered the Commonwealth Bank Trophy in 2003.

Rebecca is a strong and fierce defender who has been a fringe Australian team and squad member since the age of 21.

After a stellar season with the NSW Swifts, Rebecca made her debut for the Australian Netball Diamonds against the Silver Ferns in September 2008.

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